A Ministacker is a good investment!

  • Optimises the expensive internal transport
  • Heavier loads can be lifted and moved by one person....working longer, faster and more ergonomical
  • Less absenteeisme
  • Prevents work related accidents
  • Increases the productivity
  • Easy to push - ideal for women

Arguments for buyers:

  • Lifts AND moves. Two jobs in one!
  • Flexibel - not build in
  • Can be rebuild for other purposes
  • Small and maneuverable - can be used everywhere
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Very solid structure
  • Cost savings in logistics and absenteeism!
  • Fast Pay-Back period

Minilifts combines two tasks - lifting AND moving. Examples:

  • Packaging: Double length on the reel  - less down time
  • Storage: 4 boxes instead of one in the rack
  • Tool-changing with only one person - not three
  • One person can carry more weight
  • Women can "lift" and move as much as men
  • Senior employees becomes more efficient