Minilifts: Mobile "Mini-robots"

  • Light, compact battery powered lifting aids
  • Over 30 Standard lifting tools
  • Developed for lads up to 300 kg
  • Lifting heights to 3 m
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Very easy to drive
  • Can be used everywhere

From the experts in Minilifts!

2Lift makes high quality Minilifts:

  • We produce in aluminium, steel or stainless steel
  • We have products developed specially for the Pharma- and Food sector
  • Easily adaptable to customer situations - most products are customised
  • We develop and produce all lifts and tools in our factory in Denmark

Electrical and manual Lifting-tools for:

  • Reel handling/Roll handling
  • Drum handling: Lifting and turning
  • Handling of boxes, containers etc.
  • Tooling
  • Storage/Order picking
  • Ergonomical working positions