We know the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry!

  • Stainless steel
  • Clean room conditions
  • Cleaning (e.g. GMP)
  • Static electricity - ESD
  • At times very little space
  • The lift must be easy to push  - also for women

We can also deliver explosion proof lifts after the ATEX-directive

The full stainless steel SP-linie, is specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry for tasks like:

  • Reelhandling - reel turning
  • Handling of boxes, containers, etc.
  • Tooling e.g. blister tools
  • Lifting and emptying of drums, barrels, etc.

In cooperation with your technicians, we develop the solution which fits your requirements.

For a discussion about our pharma-line call:                                                      Peter Kjoeller on: +49 2871 995948 or +49 1739011211.

We develop bespoke solutions for our customers!


  • Above: A special solution for a German High High-Tech company: lifting and turning of catalytic cell - for testing.
  • Lifting and turning of pharma containers for cleaning inwet-room.