Bespoke customer solutions

Do you need wider legs to go around machines? Or lower? A higher lift?

Our lifts are modular build - after all we come from the land of Lego - and from the outset designed to be easy to adapt to customer wishes.

Our flexible manufacturing system allows us to react quickly to customer wishes.

Projects and OEM

We join in customer projects or make OEM products - e.g. to the manufactures of packaging machines - or in fatory automatization projects in the automobile industry.

We work closely with the R&D departments of our customers and develop solutions that are targeting their individual needs and wants.                              Our solutions are designed to be used - and not to collect dust in a corner.

Call us:  Sales           Peter KjĂžller      +49 2871995948 or +49 173 9011211

or            R & D           Mike Hancock   +45 61705470 or +45 32960806