Reel handling - roll handling!

Often these rolls and reels are stored in ergonomically impossible places, very high or low, far from the edge, etc.

We have seen - and solved - many such problems.

Call us for ideas - or mail us some pictures of your special case.

We will be pleased to help.

Reel manipulator - reel turner - core gripper

The best solution: The reel is gripped from the pallet and driven direct to the machine, where the reel is turned and pushed on the machine with the lift. 

For light reels: Boom, Boom with V-blok - prism. The optimal solution differs from customer to customer.

Reels where a shaft must be put through the core and then placed in the machine

  • Boom w. prism or fork solutions
  • Gripping from the outside and turning in horisontal - shaft through the core - the lift brings the reel in the machine

One person can bring and place the reels on the machine, saving time and costs.