More loads can be lifted and moved faster and ergonomically correct.

One person can lift AND move 4 boxes instead of 1

The internal transport flows better, only the needed material is moved, less pallets clogs up the workspace, one person controls the process. 

  • Plastic boxes
  • Metal boxes
  • Special boxes

Tipping and emptying boxes?

Manual or electrical solutions

We have many different gripping, tipping and turning tools

But also here restrictions in the work-space, the type of box, the rooms etc. makes it difficult to choose the best solution.

Call or mail us. We will be pleased to help.

We offer a wide range of forks and platforms for boxes

  • In different lengths, widths, and shapes
  • Width adjustable forks (also electrical)
  • Platforms with nylon or steel tops
  • Patforms with loading reel in front or on the side
  • Platforms with reels in full lengt

We manufacture forks and platforms in almost any size.